“David Wallace can seriously jam.”  -Mark O’Connor; internationally-touring soloist, composer, recording artist

“That waltz could make a glass eye cry!”  -Bobby Christman; World Champion Texan guitarist

“You know that piece you wrote- Scheherazade Takes a Trip?  That’s the best kind of music.  That’s the best music I ever heard.”     -Alexander Flores; 4th grader P.S. 165 Manhattan

“I’ve never heard a piece of yours I didn’t like!”  -Rachel Barton Pine, internationally-touring, violin virtuoso & recording artist

“I have terminal cancer, and your concert just did me more good than all of my chemotherapy treatments combined!”  –Anonymous Septuagenarian Episcopal Priest

“David Wallace is right on the cutting edge of what it means to be a joyful, bold, entrepreneurial, creatively satisfied, successful, wide-awake 21st-century musician.”  -Eric Booth; world’s leading authority on teaching artistry

“We love Doc Wallace . . .our string shaman; the best viper violist in the world.”  -Mark Wood; director, Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp, multi-platinum producer

“Your solo on Dance of Maya totally killed!  You f^¢#*@%  slayed it!” It was like I was standing right next to 70s-era Jerry Goodman, complete with the facial hair!”   -Joe Deninzon; rock violinist, band leader of Stratospheerius

“You need to make a studio recording of your version of In the Pines.  I loved that.  I just listened to Kurt Cobain’s version. . . very good, but yours was way cleaner and had something different to it.”  -Brooks Brower; 10th grader, Hutchinson, KS

“On behalf of all the artists, staff and board of the Chamber Music Society, we would like to thank you for playing so beautifully on the Beethoven marathon in January.  Your artistry helped make the event, the first of its kind undertaken by the Society, a great success.” -David Shifrin; Artistic Director, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

“Thank you so much for coming up and for working with us.  A Band staff member who attended the session yesterday commented how far, in just 2 years, with just 2 sessions with you, the quality of our presentations have come.– I agree.  Thank you very, very much!”  -Rick Wyman; Assistant Director, U.S. Coast Guard Band

“We could not have been more pleased with your residency.  Your professionalism was appreciated by all from students to teachers and hosts.  It was a real pleasure to work with you during your two week stay.”  -Nancy Koepke; Director, Saginaw Community Enrichment Commission

“You are the ‘secret weapon’ that really can change hearts and minds!  Thanks so much for all your contributions to our field.”    -Polly Kahn; Vice President, the League of American Orchestras