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Want to learn the secrets behind my playing and musicianship?  Here’s how!

Institutions of Higher Learning:

I currently serve as Chair of the String Department of Berklee College of Music in Boston.  For more information, visit and Berklee College of Music Admissions.

I formerly served as a Professor at The Juilliard School,  Nyack College, Manhattan campus, and as an Affiliate Artist of Sarah Lawrence College.

Summer Programs:

I am Director of Berklee College of Music’s new Global String Intensive, where you get to study and interact with the entire Berklee College String Faculty.  Here’s a video that gives you a window into the experience:

I also have taught at Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp since its founding in 2010.

By far the most convenient and economical way to learn from me is to subscribe to  I regularly upload video lessons and sheet music. I also answer subscriber questions via text and video.  Here’s a sample lesson of me teaching a relaxation & tone production exercise I learned from Joseph Gingold, teacher of Joshua Bell:

At My Talent Forge, we listen to our subscribers; your feedback helps determine the content I teach.  Learn more about it in this blog post.

Subscribe via this link : Sign up for! Enter coupon code DavidWallace for added savings!

Skype Lessons & Private Lessons:

I give private lessons and chamber music coachings  in person and via Skype.  I recommend that private students already have experienced my teaching by either subscribing to or attending my in-person master classes or workshops. If you have questions about whether private lessons are right for you, please contact me.

My Writings:

You can learn quite a bit for free, just from reading articles on this website!

Master Classes:

I am available to teach master classes in violin, viola, improvisation, eclectic styles, and composition.  I have given master classes at festivals, high schools, colleges, conservatories, community centers, and private teachers’ studios.  To arrange a master class for your students, contact me.