Reaching Out

Reaching Out: A Musician's Guide to Interactive PerformanceMy ground-breaking book Reaching Out: A Musician’s Guide to Interactive Performance has become the industry’s most used and authoritative resource on the topic.  By the end of the month, I will post reviews, a deeper explanation, and a pretty picture or two.  For now, visit Reaching Out: A Musician’s Guide to Interactive Performance Page for reviews and a description.

The book has sold out of its first printing and is presently in transition.  Independent sellers are gouging people on the price.  Don’t pay $800 for a copy, as I’m working very hard on plans for the next printing, as well as plans for an expanded second edition that will include additional chapters on community engagement, and some of my best scripts from recent years, including two concerts for teens that the Los Angeles Philharmonic presented in Disney Hall.  -More soon!