Come Hear My New York Philharmonic Premiere!!

Come Hear My New York Philharmonic Premiere!!

Dear Friends and Fans,

Lucy Shelton with Elliott Carter

Soprano Lucy Shelton with composer Elliott Carter

I am SO EXCITED that the New York Philharmonic is performing the world premiere of my orchestral song cycle William Blake Rhapsody as part of its 2014 BIENNIAL festival.  The great Lucy Shelton– who has premiered and recorded works of Elliott Carter, David Del Tredici, and countless other composers- will be singing; longtime New York Philharmonic conductor  Michael Adelson will be at the podium.

William Blake Rhapsody embodies the struggle to find enduring love, joy, and faith in a broken world fraught with suffering.  The work is entirely driven by Blake’s poetry, which the singer presents, personifies, deconstructs, amplifies, and reflects.

The musicians sometimes paint the imagery in the text: as literal depictions of birdsong or infants, as symbolic representations of Blake’s theology and worldview, or as malevolent or benevolent forces acting upon the soprano’s personal Heaven or Hell.  Whose the dedicatee?  Find out by reading the full program note and libretto!

For a sneak preview and fun behind-the-scenes secrets, please enjoy my “Making of the William Blake Rhapsody Video”:

William Blake Eternity Manuscript

Blake’s Manuscript for the Poem “Eternity”

The concert is at on Saturday, May 31st at 11:00AM in Merkin Concert Hall, one of the best acoustics in the city for strings, singers, and chamber ensembles.  -And it’s TOTALLY FREE!  No tickets required!  World class musicians in a world class hall- what more could you want?

Rehearsing "William Blake Rhapsody" (l to r) Michael Adelson, Lucy Shelton, David Wallace

Rehearsing “William Blake Rhapsody”
(l to r) Michael Adelson, Lucy Shelton, David Wallace

Okay, how about additional world premieres by rising stars Daniel Felsenfeld, Richard Carrick, and many of our teenage proteges?!  It’s going to be an awesome event; I hope to see you there!

Hear an NPR All Things Considered broadcast about the New York Philharmonic BIENNIAL




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