Doc Wallace Handmade Books Awaiting Binding

Doc Wallace’s Handmade Books Awaiting Binding

Let me connect you to valuable resources on Teaching Artistry and eclectic strings! Click on the orange text to. . .

. . .learn about my ground-breaking McGraw-Hill book Reaching Out: A Musician’s Guide to Interactive Performance, soon to be re-released by Berklee Press as Engaging the Concert Audience: a Musician’s Guide to Interactive Performance

. . .browse and download articles I have published in various journals.

. . .check out curricula I have written for some leading arts organizations through my work as a Teaching Artist.  (You’ll find it much easier to find them here than on the massive websites of organizations like Carnegie Hall or the New York Philharmonic.)

I will be uploading new content as it becomes available, so check back from time to time!